Framed 3-D Paper Collage "Luke faces Vader on the Death Star"


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    This stunning work originally appeared in Marvels graphic novelization of Return of the Jedi.

    Each major element has been deconstructed and redrawn to separate it from the surrounding elements. Then solid pieces of scrap-booking paper are used to recreate the look of the printing process. Then using foam layers measuring 1/16' the elements are reassembled in layers for a forced perspective 3-D look.

    This process takes several hours but it is a labor of love.
    This paper sculpture features 8 layers and the last layer is almost a full inch off of the base! This is my favorite piece! The 3-D looks truly amazing in person! This will blow you away.

    The Frame is made of plastic, it measures 15 inches tall by 7 inches wide. It is a shadow box and sticks out 1.5 inches from the wall.